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CJ Martha Koome’s Luncheon

FIDA-Kenya in collaboration with UNFPA held a High-Level luncheon where discussions by the justice sector on ways to end the vice was held. The luncheon was utilized to  celebrate the Honourable Chief Justice of Kenya, Martha Koome, on her new position and also becoming the first female chief justice in the country. She is also a FIDA-Kenya member and was the chairperson of FIDA-Kenya from 1998 to 2003.  It also provided an avenue to discuss FGM and the milestones achieved so far regarding the implementation of the FGM Act 2021

Recommendations highlighted from the meeting

  1. There is a need to increase sensitization among members of the community on matters of FGM especially at the grassroot level.
  2. The Anti-FGM board and FIDA-Kenya should identify and assist in the prosecution of FGM cases which will provide jurisprudence and precedents that will guide the courts in the adjudication of FGM cases.
  3. There is a need to have more cases on FGM brought to court in order to provide reliable jurisprudence.

FIDA-Kenya’s Virtual Justice Centres (VJC) publication was also launched then


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