Membership to FIDA-Kenya is open to Kenyan female advocate, lawyers, and law students. A member should identify with the cause of FIDA-Kenya and be willing to volunteer her services. The FIDA-Kenya Constitution provides for 3 categories of membership. These include; ordinary member, affiliate member, and honorary member. 

To enjoy your membership fully and contribute to the vision and mission of FIDA-Kenya, it is important for you to participate in the organization’s activities highlighted in the annual members’ calendar. Members are encouraged to be up to date with their subscriptions, be pro-active and participate in the activities of the organization such as; 

  • Annual General Meetings and any other general meetings. Members voice matters. Their feedback builds the FIDA-Kenya we desire.  
  • Join FIDA-Kenya members’ social platforms such as WhatsApp and Telegram. These forums allow members to be updated on a real time basis. This is also members’ opportunity to give real time feedback and be able to participate on emergency response.  
  • Enrolling in the pro bono scheme.  
  • Participating in the Family Mediation Program as a mediator.