The institutional objective under finance and grants programmes is to increase the value of grants through the efficient and effective application of available resources in line with the respective grant specifications. The strategy here is to ensure that accurate, timely and reliable information on ‘resource use’ is being generated and that partnerships are serviced efficiently.

FIDA’s strategic intention under grants programme is to attain funding sustainability by diversifying grant makers and resource mobilization approaches. FIDA’s resource mobilization strategies are four-fold; the first strategy is to establish an endowment that would underwrite some of FIDA’s core costs. The second strategy is to service the traditional donor partners through an institutional donor basket fund.

The third strategy is to source new funding through grant-writing. And the fourth strategy is to engage in innovative product-making for the corporate funders situated locallyThese include the building of FIDA house, establishment of Friends of FIDA, formation of FIDA -consult, a consulting wing of the organization managed by FIDA members.