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Knowledge management programme seeks to deliberately contribute to a body of knowledge in the women’s right movement. Through a thorough analysis of key policy informing instruments, we invest in capturing ways in which these national and regional priorities must promote women’s right to be fully and meaningfully realised.

The program aims to achieve the following specific objectives

One of the key performance measurements of FIDA-Kenya’s work is the volume of research and publication done, and utilised by various stakeholders to inform policy and practice. Within the organization, the Knowledge Management Department takes the lead in ensuring research and documentation is carried out.

The intended objective is to realise an increased provision of material feeding into evidence based programming, which is measured by the number of publications on women rights/issues, increased number of visits on the FIDA-Kenya website making reference to organization publications, and increased number of downloads of publications on the FIDA-Kenya website.

FIDA-Kenya continuously engages varied media outlets to ensure prime placement of the organizations’ activities, and its position on key gender-related social and national issues. This engagement is aimed at catalyzing behavioural change and debunking the myths about FIDA-Kenya.

The media also recognizes FIDA-Kenya’s expertise on women’s rights issues. This is evident from the consistent requests for us to comment on issues related to women`s rights.