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women con 2021

National women conference

FIDA Kenya held its first inaugural National Women’s Leadership Conference on the 26th and 27th August 2021. It was designed to reigniting the women’s rights movement across the country as part of the measures of the institutional reform process that will result in greater participation and representation of women in elective positions and the governance structures. The meeting brought together Women Leaders in National Politics, relevant Government Offices, like-minded CSOs, the Media and Female Political Aspirants vying for different elective seats in the upcoming General Elections. Topics of discussion ranged from experiences of Women political leaders, Election financing, relevant applicable laws and whether there’s a need for amendments, how to achieve 2/3rd gender rule and how to achieve it, and the place of Women with disabilities and young women in the Women’s movement.

The 2 days event was meant to provide a platform for discourse on the role of women including women with disabilities in political leadership in Kenya. The conference brought together select women aspirants, sitting members of Parliament both at the National and County levels representing diverse groups (young and older women, minority, and marginalized women, and women with disabilities), political parties, electoral management body, representatives of civil society organizations, the media and academia.

At the opening of the meeting, FIDA launched its 2022 election advocacy campaign “-Vote-A-Dada.” This isan initiative whose goal is to increase the number of women participating in 2022 elections as candidates as well as voters. The call respects intersectionality thus   including older and young women, women with disabilities and those from marginalized communities.  Women are encouraged to run and get elected in the six elective positions in the 2022 general elections in Kenya. The political open positions are presidential, gubernatorial, senatorial, member of parliament, women representative and member of county assembly.

The meeting had two deliverables namely;

  1. The launch of Vote A Dada Campaign.
  2. The Conference Communique that communicates the key messages and recommendations from the Conference in support the Conference Theme “Wakati ni sasa, Kauli mbiu ni moja, vote a dada”


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