It’s with deep sorrow and dismay that FIDA Kenya has learned of the heinous acts meted upon a 27-year-old woman by her husband citing childlessness in marriage. According to the media reports, the woman was allegedly attacked with a panga by her husband who they are said to have separated for about three months. The husband chopped off both her hands and further inflicted more injuries on her head and neck.

Considering the acts of Violence as described by the woman, evidence by the descriptive photo shots, it is quite clear that this man has no respect for human dignity and should immediately be investigated and prosecuted.

Further, FIDA Kenya is angered by the escalating cases of violence against women in the country. FIDA Kenya notes with a lot of sadness that cases of domestic violence are on the rise and nothing has been done about it.

As an organization that envisions a just society that is free from all forms of violence and discriminations against women, we call upon the office of the Inspector General to immediately charge and prosecute the man with attempted murder.

We further call upon the Inspector General to ensure that the escalating cases of violence are immediately dealt with and that all culprits are brought to book.

FIDA Kenya reiterates that violence against women is unacceptable and must not be condoned in the society.

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