FIDA Kenya is saddened and alarmed by media reports of heinous gang rapes against girls in Dandora Estate by numerous gangs of young boys. According to a clip highlighted by Citizen TV on 30th June 2013 it was reported that the perpetrators are confident and shameless in executing these crimes and that they even attack victims in broad daylight, in the full view of the public.

FIDA Kenya is concerned that the Police have not responded to the said incidences and that if the law enforcement agencies and the Government does not speedily take charge and prosecute the perpetrators then the same might escalate and spread to other areas in the country. Such incidences, where not correctly dealt with by law enforcement agencies, create a precedent of impunity in the country.

The President has a moral and legal obligation to the citizens of Kenya under Article 131(2)(e) of the Constitution of Kenya 2010 to ensure the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms and the rule of law. Kenyans however, have continuously witnessed the breakdown of the rule of law and violations of their human rights and fundamental freedoms through the inability of law enforcement agencies granted such responsibilities to carry out their mandates.

FIDA Kenya calls on the Government to:
 Institute an independent public investigations team that will efficiently work towards prosecuting the perpetrators of the heinous crimes in Dandora Estate in Nairobi County.
 Inform the public on what measures it is undertaking to investigate the root causes of the incidences of rapes committed against women and girls witnessed in various parts of

In conclusion we reiterate that the insecurity being witnessed in Dandora is not and should not be
misconstrued as a ordinary crime, but rather a manifestation of decayed governance and justice
system all of which require urgent fixing.

Thank you.

Ruth Aura
Chairperson FIDA Kenya
For further information please reach:

Call: Jane Njeri – Public Relations Officer 0722 509760 or 0733 845003

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