NATIONAL NURSES STRIKE – CBA Blame Games that Kill!!!


NATIONAL NURSES STRIKE – CBA Blame Games that Kill!!!

Kenyans have once again woken up to the horrible news that a section of the health service providers have downed their tools due to a disagreement on Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA). It is extremely disheartening to see the nurses` go on strike at a time when the country is yet to heal from the doctors` strike that ended 3 months ago.

FIDA Kenya is disturbed by the inefficient approach with which the Government continues to address the problems in the health sector. Ordinary citizens, who diligently pay taxes, are often left helpless and desperate for health services. Maternal and Child Health Care is the most affected. “No woman should die while giving life”.

FIDA Kenya takes specific issue with the rate at which the health sector collective bargain agreements are losing their value; and increasingly becoming a public gimmick meant to hoodwink Kenyans and/or a ploy to postpone problems. One is left to wonder whether all relevant stakeholders are usually involved and whether the right technical expertise is put in place during CBA negotiations. It is becoming unbearable to be treated to blame games by the different stakeholders. The Government of Kenya owes it to its citizens to put an end to the famous CBAs!! that lead to hundreds of lives being lost.

FIDA Kenya wishes to remind the government that it has a Constitutional responsibility to protect the right to life and provide the highest attainable health care for Kenyans.  We call upon the President and his government to take a decisive action to end the strike and restore the public health care system.

Failure to have an immediate solution to the strike, FIDA Kenya is highly considering mobilising the women of Kenya and taking legal action to protect the women and children of Kenya.


Signed by:

Josephine Mong’are

Chairperson, FIDA Kenya

For further information please reach us:


Call: 0722509760 or 0710607241

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