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Supporting Women Rights organisations

Supporting women rights organisations: Reigniting the Women’s Rights movements across the country

The process of democratization in Kenya from the 1990’s up to the promulgation of the Constitution of Kenya in 2010 marked an increase in the Women Rights Movement (WRM). In this formative period, women activists began lobbying for affirmative action through the parliamentary system by lobbying for legislative changes.

This however proved to be unsuccessful in a patriarchal system. It was not until the Constitutional reform process began in earnest in the late 90’s that the WRM gained traction by shaping the women’s agenda through the Kenya Women’s Political Caucuses (KWPC).

KWPC was representing 43 women’s organizations that coalesced around gender equality and affirmative action. FIDA-Kenya was an integral part of this movement and recognized the need for a multi-thronged approach in influencing affirmative action both in governance institutions and the relevant laws and policies.

In the recognition of the power of the movement-building FIDA-Kenya was keen on reigniting the women’s rights movement across the country as part of the measures of the institutional reform process that will result in greater participation and representation of women in elective positions and the governance structures. This was done through a series of 8 regional networking forums for mapped-out WROs.

 Coast Region Women Rights Movement addressing a press conference in Mombasa

These networking forums led to formation of 8 robust regional movements in Eastern, North Eastern, Western, Central, Coast, Nairobi, Kisumu and Rift valley regions.


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